• Corrida Cartoon Detectives, Inc.: We will meet tomorrow. We will find a path, and reach tomorrow. Past this day of wrath. We will be together once, again. Cling to your hopes and prayers till then...
  • Hugo Chavez: I will hold thee I say goodbye, and keep your image, in my memory's eye, and all this love of ours, will soar. Come dawn or danger, we will meet tomorrow, and have each other...evermore...
  • Mourners: Give us tomorrow, and another hour. Let our reunion, come within our power...grant one more chance to make a start, that we may live for as we part...
  • Henrique Salas Römer: Come say you love me, as I...kiss your eye. Let one brief moment, make eternal ties...
  • Company: If tomorrow, is not in store, let this embracing...replace forever. Keep us together...evermore...

Reason(s) to SingEdit

  • After fifteen minutes of destruction of Carraca do Jockey, Chavez, his opponent Henrique, Morales and all mourners enter.
  • Henrique S. Römer came to say to love Chavez as he kiss his eye.


  • Corrida Cartoon Detectives, Inc.
  • Evo Morales (European version only; dueting with Hugo Chavez)
  • Henrique Salas Römer
  • Hugo Chavez
  • Mourners


  • It was the first song that one of the main characters is not sang.
  • The Corrida Cartoon Detectives, Inc. sang the opening verse, but the singers replaced by Evo Morales dueting Hugo Chavez (exclusive to the European version).