English Name Toonatopian Name Dictonary Description Type
Allah Alá A main God in Islam. Gods
Barcelona Bārsēlōnā A capital city of Catalonia. Cities
Bradley vs. Pacquiao II Bulut ynddem Pakjao II A rematch between Bradley and Pacquiao that ends with a closing ceremony, which is the last professional fight ever. Events
Bradley vs. Pacquiao II Closing Ceremony Bulut ynddem Pakjao II Yezrap’akich’ Mərasim A big party, a series of closing entertainment and an IBA flag handover from the future host city to Las Vegas with a Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games and Paralympic Games tribute after Bradley vs. Pacquiao II hosted by the same announcer Michael Buffer. Events
Commonwealth Games Federatsiya Jocs An international, multi-sport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations, which is a Commonwealth version of the Olympic Games. Events
Daniel Tiger Dānní'ěr Tigar A tiger monarch of the Neighborhood of Make Believe in five days after the Arab Civil War. People
G'day G'día An Australian slang of hello. Expressions
Grammy Awards Gremis Auszeichnungz An accolade to recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry. Events
Gumball Watterson Mestyq MacUaitéir A Chancellor of Cartoon Network Country and made friend of Nickelodeonian Prime Minster SpongeBob SquarePants. People
Iran Irán A country in Southwest Asia, which is one of two Zoroastrian majority countries, along with Tajikistan. Nations
Islamic republic Islamik republiek A government with the majority to Islam. Governments
Katerina Kittycat Kateřina Kittikat A Prime Minister of Neighborhood of Make Believe. People
Krusty Krab Krossen Siri A restaurant in Bikini Bottom. Buildings
Lawn chess Gramado chadraki An outdoor game with large chess pieces. Sports
Miss Elaina Missy Ēlēnā An African-American girl who does backwards and who is the President of the Neighborhood of Make Believe National Olympic Committee who is very good at inventing new games to play with her friends. People
Neighborhood Trolley Naastekapuç Rabẗnaqul A trolley drove by Daniel Tiger with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood theme song. Vehicles
Olympic Fanfare Olinpiar Fanfara A fanfare of the Olympic Games at the opening of the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies composed by John Williams. Songs
O the Owl O tha Buho A neighbor of Katerina Kittycat and President of the Educational Department of the Neighborhood of Make Believe. People
Parade of Nations Defilado o' rahvaste A parade of atheletes dressed in national costumes during the Olympic opening ceremonies. Events
Prince Wednesday Prinssi Mercredi The youngest member of the family of the President of the State Defence Corps. People
Rugby Ragbis A game played for all Commonwealth of Nations member states, including Toonatopia. Sports
Traitor Mout-mout A person who traits for naughty things. People
UmiDollars UmyDollaz A currency of the dependency of UmiCity Currency
War theater Krieg théatro An area or place in which important military events occur or are progressing. Events
Westwood Westwoodová A capital of the Neighborhood of Make Believe. Cities