Prince Wednesday: Yo-yo, yo Katapoyat. I've hect'd tha hastez. [Greetings, your Highness. I have brought the visitors.]
King Friday XIII: Ya kamote tha hastom, Wednesdayster. Non aktantoz mat serey tha monwatan 'n' heste. [You know the law, Wednesday. No outsiders may see the kingdom and live.]
Prince Wednesday: Dad...hayez tao-taoz mat b' oret ta hatak hues. [Father...these people may be able to help us.]
King Friday XIII: Mow da'nt noos ployet hatak. [We do not need your help.]
Prince Wednesday: Yat, Dad - [But, Father -]
King Friday XIII: 'At's donot. We'll astak dis ponit. [That is enough. We will discuss later.]
[SpongeBob closes his notebook and puts it in his knapsack and speaks up] 
SpongeBob SquarePants: Yo Katapoyat, ne fonoyet o' mah kamotiet, mat I saty it's an hamot ta b' wonenet'd inta yo citwatan. [Your Majesty, on behalf of my crew, may I say it is an honor to be welcomed into your city.]
[Scene cuts to Daniel Tiger taking a bath, brushing 
SpongeBob SquarePants French Narrator: On January 12, 3017, the war between India and Pakistan keeps ongoing to keep occupying Jammu and Kashmir in a day after a premiere party of Sofia the First.
King Friday XIII: Do you remember that I have a wine at a very fancy premiere party?