Shiro Shinobi (Narrating Newsreel): SpongeBob has a big mission on his office.
Sam Champion (Proposing to Rubem Robierb): Robierb, will you marry me? If yes, we are getting married New Year's Eve in Miami. If you say no, I will find another one who is a man, not female.
Gumball Watterson (Questioning to SpongeBob SquarePants): Are you sure do you want to pay tribute to those the Olympics?
SpongeBob SquarePants (Answering to Gumball Watterson): Okay. I will also pay tribute to both the Olympics and the Paralympics, in both Winter in Sochi, Russia and Summer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, once the closing ceremony is coming to MGM Grand Garden Arena. Got it?
Gumball Watterson (Accepting to SpongeBob SquarePants): Okay. See you at the rematch. We need to finish our plan.
Corrida Cartoon Detective Gumball Watterson (Discussing to Mitt Romney): It might have a discussion. The closing ceremony of Bradley vs. Pcaquiao has a volunteer team.
Elmore News Newscaster (Narrating the Beginning of the Closing Ceremony of Bradley vs. Pacquiao II): Post decidendi, tempus esset ad claudendas Bradley vs Pacquiao pugilatu match, Olympic style, et turpis in scoreboard de MGM Amplitudo Garden Arena, paratum in unum pro fireworks et Gala operti ceremonia, plena universitas- classis celebratis, universitas-ordo traditiones et militari reunion. Sicut semper ingens explosione fireworks, Michael quiddam habet introductionem Praeses Civitatum Foederatarum Americae, et priorum praesieo of International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge. Deinde, est tempus US flag, et solemne militiae gentem, cantabatur ab Jessica Sanchez iterum. Ad solemne et suscitacione vexillum porta festivities et transacta pars vesperam, quod est envolved ad Salutant ad adolescens, legati, et Top Rank pugilatu Promotions et magna ac tributa in gigas video screen, est qui circuit interviene, sic ludere consueverunt mundo. Vindemiant superbiam in Las Vegas. Et sermo est, "De Philippine superbia". Mundi-ordo spectaculis coepit in pavimentum arena et anulum cum Tympanistae et XIV campana saltantium modo. Et incipe cum leathal tympanum, in American culturae et in American nationalibus costumes perfusus nocte trillion fans et trillions in television, circum orbem terrarum, etiam in Toonatopia. Dum pre-pugna conloquium est Salutant ad Oceanum Britannicum processit in historia, claudens ceremonia expectamus sicut Nevada futura aliqua politica, oeconomicas, alea regionem. More fireworks ad claudendas prioris segmenti, tunc penetro tympani plaustris. Festo luminum, et accensis scaenicos, cum permanentis comminatio tympanum. Gigantem tympana verberavit inferiorem de arena et permanentis themate lucis: LX levibus rotis, cum circuitus in eis incluseris, in harenam, magis quam proval, est acutally construitur in imago status. Post pauca ad extremum ultrices quis. Ad aliquos de Bradley vs Pacquiao rematch. Nullam quinque et quinque alios in magno honore fine argumenti moderni plus elit. Cum res colligitur, ut flag vestibulum signiferos ut bene officium in fine mundi. Et capita gubernationes et capita statuum iungere festivitatibus est, atheletes ita sint ipsum dolor vigilate omnibus nec omni cantare nationalibus solemne Terrae. [After the decision, it was time to close the Bradley vs. Pacquiao boxing match, Olympic style, and the countdown on the scoreboard of the MGM Grand Garden Arena, prepared for the one for the fireworks and a gala closing ceremony, full of world-class festivities, world-class traditions and a military reunion. As always a huge explosion of fireworks, Michael Buffer has an introduction of the President of the United States of America, and the former president of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge. Then, it was time for the US flag, and the anthem of the host nation, sung by Jessica Sanchez again. The anthem and the raising of the flag is the gateway to festivities and the performance part of the evening, which is envolved to a salute to the youth, the legacy, and the Top Rank Boxing Promotions and a big tribute on a giant video screen, those who interviene was circled, so it has been used to the world of sport. They gather pride in Las Vegas. And the theme is "The Philippine Pride". The world-class performances began on the floor of the arena and the ring with drummers and 14 bell dancers. And begin with a leathal drum, in American culture and in American national costumes, thrilled the night of trillion fans and trillions on television, around the world, even in Toonatopia. While the pre-fight conference is a salute to a tribute in history, the closing ceremony look forward as Nevada's future as a political, economic, gambling country. More fireworks to close the first segment, then enter the drum wagons. The festival lights, and lighted performers, with an ongoing threat of a drum. The giant drums beat lower from the arena and the ongoing the theme of light: 60 light wheels, with cycles inside them, into the arena, more than proval, is acutally constructed in the image of state. Later, a little bit of a man to the extreme sports. To some of the Bradley vs. Pacquiao rematch. Five men and five other men of the show, with a great modern theme of the closing ceremony, with more story. After the theme is concluded, when the entrance of flag-bearers, such as a successful closing ceremony to the world. And the heads of governments and the heads of states to join the festivities, the atheletes are so very excited to watch everyone all sing the national anthem of Earth.]
Corrida Cartoon Detective Gumball Watterson (Telling to Mitt Romney): Well, I must tell you. The war must come to start.
Hun Sen (Telling the Truth to 
[Gumball wear black shoes]
Gumball Watterson (Agurating Accepting to SpongeBob SquarePants): Yes! I have to go to...
[Gumball yawns. They both go to bed]
SpongeBob SquarePants (Questioning to Gumball Watterson): Uh, Gumball? Is there something important?
Gumball Watterson (Answering to SpongeBob SquarePants): Oh, yeah. I forgot to pray.
Gumball Watterson (Saying to SpongeBob SquarePants): We will see you at 6:30 in the morning.
SpongeBob SquarePants (Saying that He is Readying for Anything to Deceased People): Well, this is it, now, folks. For the moment you have all been waiting for. I am going to take care of the dead.
[SpongeBob drops a wooden boat, lighting the lighter to a Hiroshima atomic bombing paper candle and the boat is moving away from the river. Gumball Watterson is praying. Cut to credits]