[Scene cuts to school]
Narrator: 11AM. Mr. Krabs has started his explaniation about how Stuart Snyder, president of Cartoon Network, realized how all cartoon characters are from the future, the past, and the present, are all real.
[Scene fades to preschool students. Scene cuts to Mr. Krabs in normal clothes]
Eugene Harold Krabs: Good afternoon, boys and girls. First off, I would like to thank this ancient scroll for taking the time to hear my propsal. Now we have all heard of a legend called Stuart Snyder, a manger of the division of Turner Entertainment called Cartoon Network. That, according to the New Bible here. Which was suddenly struck by some cataclysmic event that all the cartoon characters are real.
[A car headlight passes by, illuminating Dora Marquez, wearing her usual clothes from her Easter adventure]
Dora Marquez: SpongeBob James SquarePants.
[Scene cuts to a rooftop, where Darwin Watterson in a black bowtie and matching sneakers, Gumball Watterson in a white dress shirt, black necktie, matching shoes and gray shoes, Penny Fitzgerald in a pink rose on her head, black jewelry wristbands, a pink belt and black heels and Rachel in a carnination pink strapless dress and dark pink boots, relaxing in the light rain]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: Gee, I sure did not know any of that stuff about fish's blood.
Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson III: If we could catch one for her, SpongeBob's wife Shelly would get all better.
[A trumpetical fanfare then a Indian-Arab fanfare is heard in the background as the National Anthem of Turkmenistan is heard in the background too.
Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson III & Gumball Christopher Watterson: Türkmenbaşyň guran beýik binasy Berkarar döwletim, jigerim - janym. Başlaryň täji sen, diller senasy Dünýä dursun, sen dur, Türkmenistanym! [The great creation of Turkmenistan is the native land and the sovereign state. Long live and prosper forever, the light and song of the soul, Turkmenistan!]
[Tuba instrumential break]
Penny Fitzgerald & Rachel: Janym gurban sana, erkana ýurdum mert pederleň ruhy bardyr könülde. Bitarap, Garaşsyz topragyn nurdur baýdagyn belentdir dünýan önünde. [I am ready to give life for native hearth to the spirit of ancestors descendants are famous for. My land is sacred, my flag flies in the world and to a symbol of the great neutral country flies.]
[Tuba instrumential break]
Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson III & Gumball Christopher Watterson: Türkmenbaşyň guran beýik binasy Berkarar döwletim, jigerim - janym. Başlaryň täji sen, diller senasy Dünýä dursun, sen dur, Türkmenistanym! [The great creation of Turkmenistan is the native land and the sovereign state. Long live and prosper forever, the light and song of the soul, Turkmenistan!]
[Tuba instrumential break]
Penny Fitzgerald & Rachel: Gardaşdyr tireler, amandyr iller, owal-ahyr birdir bizin ganymyz. Harasatlar almaz, syndyrmaz siller. Nesiller döş gerip gorar şanymyz. [My nation is united and is veins of tribes with ancestors' blood and undying flows. Storms and misfortunes of times are not dreadful for us, so let us increase fame and honor.]
[Tuba instrumential break]
Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson III & Gumball Christopher Watterson: Türkmenbaşyň guran beýik binasy Berkarar döwletim, jigerim - janym. Başlaryň täji sen, diller senasy Dünýä dursun, sen dur, Türkmenistanym! [The great creation of Turkmenistan is the native land and the sovereign state. Long live and prosper forever, the light and song of the soul, Turkmenistan!]
[Tuba instrumential break]
Penny Fitzgerald & Rachel: Arkamdyr bu daglar, penamdyr düzler ykbalym, namysym, togabym, Watan! Sana şek ýetirse, kör bolsun gözler geçmişim, geljegim, dowamym, Watan! [Mountains, rivers and beauty of steppes with love and destiny, revelation of mine! Let my eyes go temporary blind for any cruel look at you, motherland of ancestors and heirs of mine!]
[Music ends as the four dates cheered and see the map]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: We made it! We made it to the...
[Gumball sees an old mansion]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: ...old man's mansion...?
Old Man: Забирайся звідси! (Zabyray̆sya zvidsy !) [Get out of here!]
Michael Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen! And now, not for children, thank you and good night!
[Crowd cheers and leaves the arena. As SpongeBob turns on microhpones again, turns on the lights again, inserts confetti cannons, inserts fireworks, inserts bubble machine, replugs plugs and bring AM stereos and balloon cannons. SpongeBob and Gumball close a door closes as SpongeBob speaks through an IOC speech desk]
SpongeBob James SquarePants: Now, boys and girls, if you do not bloody want to leave now, then enjoy the closing ceremony of Tim Bradley vs. Manny Pacquiao II for a dazing series of moments of Pacquiao's retirement just like an extingushing Olympic cauldron, you might give me an attention that the short ending was kind of...boring. Now you better return to your seats, sit down again, bring back your kids to your seats, watch, listen to your host, Michael Buffer, watch fireworks on the scoreboard and enjoy the show!
[Crowd clamors. Boxing bell rings as a Las Vegas fanfare plays, signalling the closing ceremony]
Michael Buffer: Okay, now that this match is ended, now is the time to stand up for our big countdown to the world's biggest and largest Olympic-styled closing ceremony of Top Rank's favored rematch of Bradley and Pacquiao fight tonight and for the opening ceremony of Top Rank's Olympic Tribute Concert, starting with 30! And now, let the countdown begin!
[Bugler's dream plays. As a flag begins to hoist, the US Marines dip their flag and the US flag. The music conducter fixes his baton and conducts to the players in black formal clothes. Scene fade to Jessica Sanchez in a short tiger-patterned dress, beginning to sing]
Jessica Sanchez: Oh, say can you see, by the dawn's early light?
[After Jessica Sanchez finished singing the word "brave", a nervous Barack Obama reacts to his feelings and smiled to the audience and cheers as a musical orchestral outro is heard. Fireworks boom offscreen. Scene fades to an overview of the ring as lights go off, except for the purple light. Camera pans to a scoreboard as we see a theme song explaniation theme song]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: Woohoo!
[As arnis Muslim dancers stop dancing, Philippine native drums stop as airhorns blow. Crowd cheers]
Michael Buffer: Miguel...Cotto! Boxing! Puetro Rico!
[Crowd cheers]
Michael Buffer: Bahiya Al-Hamad! Shooting! Qatar!
[Crowd cheers]
Michael Buffer: And finally, put your Olympic hands together for...Alexandros...Nikolaidis! Taekwondo! Greece!
[Crowd cheers]
Alexandros Nikolaidis: Καλησπέρα σε όλους! (Kali̱spéra se ólous!) [Good evening, everybody!]
Michael Fred Phelps II: Right...whatever.
Michael Buffer: Let us give it up for your English-Irish band: One Direction!
[Crowd cheers]
Michael Buffer: Alright! Before we put your hands together for Jacques Rogge for thanking everyone in our praises and thanks, let us deserve your thanks for the world. Now is the time for the military reunion!
[Crowd cheers. Balloon falls]
Michael Buffer: Okay, boxing fans. Give it a warm welcome to the most beloved IOC President who succeded Juan Antonio Samaranch and is going very likely to be mysteriously replaced by my brother in an main unknown reason: Dr. Jacques Rogge!
[Crowd cheers]
Robert "Bob" Arum: Mr. President. Mr. Vice President. I have the honor to introduce Jacques Rogge.
[Crowd cheers]
Jacques Rogge: Dear Las Vegan friends, tonight, we come to an end of a glorious WBO Welterweight Championship which we will cherish forever. Thank you to the people of USA, all the wonderful volunteers and Top Rank! Through Top Rank, the world learned more about Nevada, and Nevada learned more about the world. All of us came to these dazzling venues and awed us with their talent. New stars were born. Stars from past boxing matches amazed us again. We shared their joys and their tears, and we marveled at their ability. We will very long remember the achievements we witnessed here. As we celebrate the success of this WBO Welterweight Championship, let us all together wish the best for the talented paintballers who will soon participate in Deadliest Warrior Championship or DWC. They also inspire us. Right..right. Okay. To everyone tonight: You were all true role models. You have shown us the unifying power of sport. The boxing spirit and the Olympic spirit lives in the warm embrace of competitive rivals from nations in conflict. Keep that spirit alive when you return home. This was a happy and glorious rematch and a truly exceptional WBO Welterweight Title! As we say goodbye to this title, we praise for thanking Pacquiao to win one million dollars as a cash prize. As we close the curtain of the rematch, the Sochi 2014 and the Rio de Janeiro 2016 will keep on furbishing and we will all praise our new WBO Welterweight Champion of the World and brought to the homeland a gold medal. And also, thanks to all the US military fathers for returning home and sing the Star-Spangled Banner in the first verse while raising the Betsy Ross flag as a real flag. When Bradley took a ringout, send to a hospital at the parking garage here in this hotel and casino, Jessica Sanchez took to sing the national anthem of this nation with music while raising the 50-star flag. Thanks to Cirque du Soleil, with the guiding support of all funfair circuses and Chinese acrobat circuses, native dances were too. But, later, Ovation Productions will host here in MGM Grand Garden Arena to be the first one to host international concerts. Let us cheer for Pacquiao, the audience and the performers. After that, you will all shout "Three cheers" and support our everlasting fantasias. Let us never forget our national hero: Mr. Timothy Bradley, who is also nicknamed as "Desert Storm". Let us save Bradley and Pacquiao's post-boxing career lives forever and make them all normal again. Now, Bradley will now become a waiter and dishwasher again. Now Pacquiao will also still become a congressman and TV celebrity. I am so happy and proud that you everybody planned the world's most greatest best and rematch ever. And also, this is the best day ever. And now, in accordance with tradition, I declare that the WBO Welterweight Championship Title...closed, and I upon the youth of Las Vegas to keep assembling three years from now in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate the Games of XXXI Olympiad and to keep assembling next year in Sochi to celebrate the XXII Olympic Winter Games, I call upon the youth of the world to assemble next Friday here in Las Vegas in that same venue where we sing and dance and shout, which is the MGM Grand Garden Arena, to celebrate the I Annual DWC Tournament, I call upon the ring girls of Corona and Tecate to sponsor the Olympics and recognize that all professional boxers are okay to attend the Olympics and wear corner-matched boxing jerseys and trunks again and I call upon UFC and the octagon girls of Bud Light to add Mixed Martial Arts to the Olympics as an official Olympic sporting event. Thank you and goodbye, folks.
[The two mayors from previous Olympics come inside the ring. Boris Johnson wears a black suit, white dress shirt and purple necktie. Gregor Robertson wearing a blue dress shirt, black slacks, matching loafers and a red Canadian hockey jersey. The two mayors from future Olympics come inside the ring, too, holding the Olympic and Paralympic flags. One was Anatoly Pakhomov, wearing a black suit and matching necktie and white dress shirt. The other one was Eduardo Paes, wearing a black suit and a black-and-white-alternating necktie. They both hand to Johnson and Robertson. They both wave the flags eight times. After that, Boris paints the sixth Olympic ring in orange, representing Toonatopia. Then, they both wave the flags. Rogge gives a round of applause. Crowd cheers]
Michael Buffer: Let us meet the final cuntdown!
[Crowd cheers]
Beyonce & Jimmy Buffett: It's the final countdown! Hey!
All Philippine Atheletes: Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!
Jordin Sparks & Phillip Phillips: The arena seats are getting quieter. And the time of miracles is melting fast. Goodbye, champion of the world, Pacquiao. Come back home to your province where you are the congressman. Do not be sad, just give a smile before you leave the arena. And remember those good days, oh, please remember! Wish us all the realization of desires. And you wanted for a new meeting for all of us!
Corrida Cartoon Detective Gumball Christopher Watterson: الله أكبر! (Allahu akbar!) [Allah is great!]
[Scene fade to Jacques Rogge's car. Tony Hawk skateboards to Rogge's car]
Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk: Hi, car.
[Tony runs his hand on the side of a car and gasp]
Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk: Oh, car, you are so cold.
[He vaults on a car seat and hugs]
Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk: Oh, car, I am always going to take care of you. You are the best boat in the whole universe!
[He kiss a throttle lever, sighs, then falls asleep. On the horizon, a shiftly dark figure runs by. It is Jacques Rogge, still dressed in a black suit, blue shirt and red necktie. He peeks over a car and jumps on a ca, checking to see if the coast is clear]
Jacques Rogge: I hope I still remember how to do this.
[He takes out a purple balloon and blows it up. He then forms it into a balloon dog and snickers to himself]
Jacques Rogge: Oh yeah...
[He starts the boat and drives off. What he does not know is that he is sitting on an asleep Tony Hawk. He wakes up and sees the sky moving]
Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk: Hey, I am driving!
[The two notice each other and scream. Jacques Rogge angrily skids of the road for a bit, then returns to normal. Tony Hawk jumps up]
Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk: Jacques Rogge, what are doing with your car? I know you are a carjacker! I never thought I would have to use this pepper spray.
[He takes it out as he sprays, but it is pointed the wrong way and it gets in his eyes and he screams]
Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk: Yahahah! Sombody help me! Somebody help me!
Jacques Rogge: Sorry, Tony, but it was for your own good. Bon voyage, me old American cream cracker! Find another one who can help.
[Tony Hawk slaps Rogge and flys him away, but Rogge is riding his new skateboard even more faster, revealing him wearing black knee pads, matching elbow pads and a matching helmet. Tony Hawk speeds up faster and loses Rogge]
Jacques Rogge: Give me back my car, you stupid skater!
[Rogge arms with his grappling hook gun and catches up to Tony Hawk as he slaps Rogge's hand on the windshield. Rogge grabs with both hands and jumps up. Hawk skids and swerves to get Rogge off but he is no budging]
Jacques Rogge: You would better stop this car!
[Hawk slams a brake and Rogge falls to the ground. He is stll hangng on with his grappling gun]
Jacques Rogge:! Nothing will stop me! Not even...
[Rogge gasps and sees a sign]
Jacques Rogge: A zoo?
[Rogge is dragged through a giant clam training area. He comes out with a bunch of bandages]
Jacques Rogge: even for...
[Rogge gasps again when he sees another sign]
Jacques Rogge: A cheese factory?
[Rogge skids through a cheese factory. Now he has bandages all over his entire body. His speech is muffling due that his mouth is covered by tape]
Jacques Rogge: If you think I will let go so I can listen more music and news from a...
[Rogge bites a tape and his speech is back to normal and he gasps as he approach the most dreadful sign of them all]
Jacques Rogge: Radio station? Oh no!
[Scene cuts to a tunnel, seeing Rogge screaming. Scene cuts to a radio station. His bandages are all removed, revealing an unscathed Jacques Rogge. He wears a DJ set and press the button as "On Air" is turning on and removes a "Help Wanted" sign. Scene cuts back to Tony Hawk]
Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk: Looks like that got rid of him. Now for some tunes.
[Tony turns on a radio]
Jacques Rogge: And now, back to KYLI-FM1 96.7 with all your personal "You would not get away with stealing my car!" hits.
[Scene cuts back to a radio station where Rogge rescues a kidnapped DJ]
KYLI-FM1 96.7 DJ: Thank you.
[Rogge runs back to a portal. Scene cuts back to Hawk screamin as Rogge lands on the foot on the front]
Jacques Rogge: Anthony Frank Hawk, listen to me. How many times do I have to tell you?
Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk: Okay, okay, okay. Just sign the treaty and the International Olympic Committee will claim the X Games. Please, give me a new start.
Jacques Rogge: Fudge you, dork!
[Jacques Rogge and Tony Hawk get into a giant brawl and the car gets out of control. Two cops look on. One was a human. One was a donut from the Amazing World of Gumball]
Amazing World of Gumball Doughnut Sheriff: Oh my gosh! Do you see that human?
Las Vegas Metropolitian Police Officer: Hey look!
Amazing World of Gumball Doughnut Sheriff: What is it? You are right. Two humans. They look live-action and made by God.
[The car then flies off a cliff and straight for a police car]
Amazing World of Gumball Doughnut Sheriff: Oh no! Lord, please save us!
[The two policemen sceam as they are now scared out of Hawk and Rogge. While plummeting, they are both still brawling]
Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk: Calm down, Rogge! I guess you are ready to sign.
[Hawk hands a treaty]
Jacques Rogge: An IOC Claim X Games Agreement Treaty?
[Rogge flaps hs lips in disbelief as the car crashes to the police car. Seconds later, the siren goes off. Doughnut Sherrif and a human police officer come outside]
Amazing World of Gumball Doughnut Sheriff: You are under arrest!
[Doughnut Sheriff suprises in disbelief as Rogge signs his name in a signature style. He give it to Tony Hawk as he flaps his lips in disbelief. Rogge slaps Hawks face]
Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk: Thank you.
[Scene cuts to a courtroom as a mallet smacks]
Courtroom Judge: 90 days. I hope you learned a valuable lesson about carjack.
Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk: So long, pal. Do not forget to help Bruce Buffer to take to the IOC Presidential Seat. Sometimes you forgot to take him.
Jacques Rogge: What have I done? Hawk cannot survive in prison. Wait!
[A courtroom judge turns]
Jacques Rogge: Tony Hawk is innocent. I bullied Tony Hawk to make the IOC to not to claim X Games. I am a brawler. Take me instead.
Courtroom Judge: Well, considering there is no legal precedent...oh, what the heck. 90 days!
[A mallet is banged again as Rogge is put into jail]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: Take cover! You two! Take cover and recapture two MG42s while I head on that ramp tactically.
Mickey Mouse & SpongeBob James SquarePants: What? Well, um...okay, Gumball.
Gumball Christopher Watterson: Then, watch out for the crossfire!
[Alarm sounding. MG42 shoots]
Corrida Cartoon Detective Gumball Christopher Watterson: Atenção todos pessoal! Três líderes estão fugindo! Aponte suas armas e fogo à vontade! Agora! [Attention all personnel! Three leaders are getting away! Aim your weapons and fire at will! Now!]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: Crap! More reinforcements! Get ready.
[Gumball aims with his M4 rifle. He begin to shoot. Scene cuts to a bunker]
Corrida Cartoon Detective Anais Watterson: O que foi isso? [What was that?]
Corrida Cartoon Detective Nicole Jennifer Watterson: Parece que há metralhadoras lá. Detê-los! [It sounds like there are machine guns over there. Stop them!]
[Corrida Cartoon Detectives storm upon the American soldiers]
American Soldier #125: Taking loses!
[Gumball arms with his Dragnov SVD]
SpongeBob James SquarePants: You are a Russian?
Gumball Christopher Watterson: No. I stole it from that Corrida Cartoon Detective. They are cowards. Not Americans. It was made by Russians. Watch.
[Gumball shoot an oil tanker to a sign with a yellow diamond with a black flame and a text below "INFLAMÁVEL". Scene cuts to a whole view of an oil tanker. It explodes. The eastern half of the bunker is destroyed. Scene cuts in front of the ruined bunker part. A Palestinan terrorist with melting skin and half-naked clothes runs]
Palestinan Separatist Terrorist: نظرة! تبين لي عالية تصل إلى العالم! (Nẓrẗ! Tbyn ly ʿạlyẗ tṣl ạ̹ly̱ ạlʿạlm!) [Look! Show me up high to the world!]
[Camera zooms in as a Palestinan terrorist lifts up his melting hands. Scene cuts to a balcony, with Gumball Watterson in a Corirda Cartoon uniform, shouting]
Corrida Cartoon Detective Gumball Christopher Watterson: Cessar-fogo! [Ceasefire!]
[Corrida Cartoon Detectives retreat]
Gumball Christhoper Watterson: Good job, gentlemen. Advance!
[US soldiers advance to the bunker]
SpongeBob James SquarePants: Gumball!
Gumball Christhoper Watterson: Please, sombody help us!
[SpongeBob stops as he believe that is Logan Grove's voice]
SpongeBob James SquarePants: That is Gumball's voice!
Gumball Christhoper Watterson: Somebody help me! Hurry!
[SpongeBob came to a C4-collapsed concrete building]
SpongeBob James SquarePants: Gumball, what happened?
[Gumball sighs in relief]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: Oh, SpongeBob, you are alive!
Annie Pierce: Hurry, boys, get all of us!
June Pierce: It really hurts!
SpongeBob James SquarePants: Annie! June! Leo! Quincy!
[SpongeBob gasps in dispair. Camera pans up to Gumball Watterson lifting with his pole]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: Hurry, SpongeBob. Help me lift this fiery beam from that broken concrete building.
[SpongeBob inserts a pole]
SpongeBob James SquarePants: Yes, Gumball.
[They both lift]
Quincy Pierce: Hurry up, SpongeBob! It is getting hotter!
SpongeBob James SquarePants: Hang on.
Eithan Pierce: Do it fast! It really hurts bad! It is so hot! Hurry, SpongeBob! I am scared! Hurry, SpongeBob! I am scared! 
[Both Gumball and SpongeBob both lift so very hard. But it would not move]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: It would not move.
[Scene cuts to poles collapsing]
Brazilian Red Cross Rescuer: Vamos obter os Little Einsteins para fora! Temos que! [We will get those Little Einsteins out! We have to!]
Leo Pierce: That is enough. Go on. Get away.
[Gumball drops a pole in shook an terror]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: What are you saying?
Leo Pierce: Get out now. Go while you can!
[SpongeBob drops a pole as Gumball knees down]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: No, Leo, no! I would not! Never!
Leo Pierce: Gumball. Listen to me. You have got to go while you still can!
Gumball Christopher Watterson: Never! I would rather die with SpongeBob!
Leo Pierce: Gumball, you are talking like a fool. You have got the other noraml Watterson family, SpongeBob, his wife Shelly Cheeks and your baby son to think of now.
[Gumball sobs]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: No! I would not! I will never leave you!
Leo Pierce: SpongeBob.
[Leo looks at SpongeBob]
Leo Pierce: You know what you have to do now, kid.
SpongeBob James SquarePants: What do you want me to do, Leo?
Leo Pierce: You get your partner Gumball out of here now!
SpongeBob James SquarePants: No, Leo, I would not do it!
Annie Pierce, Eithan Pierce & Quincy Pierce: We are all scared! SpongeBob!
[SpongeBob knells down]
SpongeBob James SquarePants: It is okay, you guys.
[Gumball knells down]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: June!
June Pierce: Oh, Gumball, please, Gumball...
[Gumball closes his hands and fists down to the ground]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: I am so weak.
[Gumball lifts up, beginning to mourn the death of the Pierce siblings]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: Oh, why could not I be stronger?
Leo Pierce: SpongeBob! It is up to you to look after your partner and the baby from now on. They are going to need you, kid. I know you will do your best.
[A pole is crushing as fire burns around him. SpongeBob nods and grabs Gumball]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: No, no! I would not go! I want to stay here and die!
Quincy Pierce: Gumball, where are you? It is really, really hot!
[Gumball stretches his hand]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: I have to go to him! Where is everybody?
All: Doctor! Doctor!
[A pole crashes and it is the death of all the Pierces]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: Leo!
[A firetruck whisle come to be heard]
Mexican Tecate Advertisement Commercial Announcer: Captura la cobertura especial del Rio de Janeiro Juegos Olímpicos, patrocinada por Tecate. Tecate cuenta con el patrocinio de usted para los Juegos de la XXXI Olimpiada, un patrocinador que contó con el patrocinio de Top Rank y rindió homenaje a la Interntional Comité Olímpico, que tiene que ofrecer en la diferencia y en el corazón de bebidas. [Catch the special coverage of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, sponsored by Tecate. Tecate has been sponsored to you to the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, a sponsor that was sponsored to Top Rank and paid tribute to the Interntional Olympic Committee, which has to offer in difference and heart of beverages.]
[Camera pans down to a tower]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: Wow. Top Rank's sponsors, like Tecate, which is the main sponsor to the former Top Rank Promotions, have the right to be sponsored to the Mexican Olympic Committee. Even there is an Olympic tribute to Top Rank and/or a Top Rank tribute to the Olympics as magic enlighten the world.
Bruce Buffer: And now, for now, I will tell Dilma Roussef to open the games.
Dilma Roussef: E agora, aos meus compatriotas, em nome de uma nação, orgulhosa determinada e grato ... Declaro os Jogos do Rio de Janeiro comemorando a Olimpíada XXXI da era moderna, e um novo começo de motorização na Olimpíada. E, também, todos os soldados norte-americanos e dos desenhos animados Corrida tudo pode descansar em paz. O nome do Pai, do Filho, do Espírito Santo, amém. [And now, to my fellow countrymen, on behalf of a proud, determined and grateful nation...I declare the Games of Rio de Janeiro celebrating the XXXI Olympiad of the modern era, and the new beginning of motorization at the Olympics. And also, all the American and Corrida Cartoon soldiers may all rest in peace. The name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, Amen.]
SpongeBob James SquarePants: Uh...we need air defense next time. We will cancel here because there is a nuclear bomb.
Jimmie Kenneth Johnson: Hey, hey! Good thing I am representing the United States! And I am holding my Betsy Ross flag because of the Bradley vs. Pacquiao II closing ceremony!
[Camera pans to Alex Popow, dressed in a Venezuelan national costume, taking a picture on a cheering crowd and Gumball use a sniper rifle]
Comlog: Password please? The national anthem of Brazil is granted to open this door.
Dilma Roussef: Uh...uhh..
[Music plays]
Dilma Roussef, Gumball Christopher Watterson, Mickey Mouse & SpongeBob James SquarePants: Ouviram do Ipiranga as margens plácidas, de um povo heroico o brado retumbante, e o sol da Liberdade, em raios fúlgidos, brilhou no céu da Pátria nesse instante. Se o penhor dessa igualdade conseguimos conquistar com braço forte, em teu seio, ó Liberdade, desafia o nosso peito a própria morte! Ó Pátria amada,Idolatrada, salve! Salve! Brasil, um sonho intenso, um raio vívido, de amor e de esperança à terra desce, se em teu formoso céu, risonho e límpido, a imagem do Cruzeiro resplandece. Gigante pela própria natureza, és belo, és forte, impávido colosso, e o teu futuro espelha essa grandeza. Terra adorada entre outras mil és tu, Brasil, ó Pátria amada! Dos filhos deste solo és mãe gentil, pátria amada, Brasil! Deitado eternamente em berço esplêndido,Ao som do mar e à luz do céu profundo, fulguras, ó Brasil, florão da América,Iluminado ao sol do Novo Mundo! Do que a terra mais garrida teus risonhos, lindos campos têm mais flores, "Nossos bosques têm mais vida","Nossa vida" no teu seio "mais amores". Ó Pátria amada, idolatrada, salve! Salve! Brasil, de amor eterno seja símbolo o lábaro que ostentas estrelado, e diga o verde louro dessa flâmula. Paz no futuro e glória no passado. Mas se ergues da justiça a clava forte,Verás que um filho teu não foge à luta, nem teme, quem te adora, a própria morte. Terra adorada entre outras mil és tu, Brasil, ó pátria amada! Dos filhos deste solo és mãe gentil, Pátria amada, Brasil! [The placid banks of Ipiranga heard the resounding cry of a heroic people and in shining rays, the sun of liberty shone in our homeland's skies at this very moment. If the assurance of this equality, we achieved by our mighty arms, in thy bosom, O freedom, our chest shall defy death itself! O beloved,idolized homeland, hail, hail! Brazil, an intense dream, a vivid rayof love and hope descends to earthif in thy lovely, smiling and clear skiesthe image of the Southern Cross shines resplendently. Giant by thine own nature, thou art beautiful, thou art strong, an intrepid colossus, and thy future mirrors thy greatness. Beloved Land amongst a thousand others, art thou, Brazil, O beloved homeland! To the sons of this landthou art a gentle mother, beloved homeland, Brazil! Eternally laid on a splendid cradle, by the sound of the sea and the light of the deep sky, thou shinest, O Brazil, finial of America, illuminated by the sun of the New World! Than the most elegant land abroad, thy smiling, pretty prairies have more flowers "Our meadows have more life","our life" in thy bosom "more love". O beloved, idolized homeland, hail, hail! Brazil, of eternal love be the symbol, the starred banner thou showest forthand proclaim the laurel-green of thy pennant 'Peace in the future and glory in the past.' But if thou raisest the strong gavel of justice, thou wilt see that a son of thine flees not from battle, nor does he who loves thee fear his very own death. Beloved Land, amongst a thousand othersart thou, Brazil, O beloved homeland! To the sons of this land, thou art a gentle mother, beloved homeland, Brazil!]
[Music end. Door opens creakly. They all enter]
Bruce Buffer: Tonight, with 105 votes, I have the honor to offically announce that the XXV Winter Olympic Games are awarded to the city of...
[Bruce opens the envolope and reveals a card saying "Bern, Switzerland"]
Bruce Buffer: ...Bern, Switzerland.
[Journalists cheers very loud. Scene fades to Bern as citizens cheers]
Gumball Christopher Watterson: A neutral country? Meh.
[SpongeBob reads CTV-PG]
Jay Leno: Alright, everybody, let us welcome Jordin Sparks and Phillip Phillips, winners of American Idol, dueting by paying tribute for the first anniversary of the Bradley vs. Pacquiao II closing ceremony!
[Crowd applauds and cheers. Lights turn on. Guitar instrumential opening]
Jordin Sparks & Phillip Phillips: The arena seats are getting quieter. And the time of miracles is melting fast. Goodbye, champion of the world, Pacquiao. Come back home to your province where you are the congressman. Do not be sad, just give a smile before you leave the arena. And remember those good days, oh, please remember! Wish us all the realization of desires. And you wanted for a new meeting for all of us!
Gumball Christopher Watterson: Mr. Snyder! I want a Latin-speaking one! I want a Christianity-majority nation! Cyma told SpongeBob to build it too! Can you help us?
Narrator: Disney-ABC Television Group, Turner Broadcasting Company, Viacom Corporation, and others has revealed a secret identity to build Toonatopia and a new generation of civilization, where cartoon characters live happily and cherish forever. While live-action show characters live in Burbank, California, a new generation of mankind is building up. Ethnicity is building as a new artifical continent is built into an intense dream of a religion on a Latin-speaking continent. While United Nations become a superpower, mankind is fasting forward.
[Scene cuts to Cartoon City, Cartoon Network Country. Cyma begin to raise the Nickelodeon Country flag. Crowd cheers. Scene cuts to Lausanne, Switzerland on a special meeting in a conference center between Prince of Liechtenstein, President of Switzerland and President of Turkmenistan]
Narrator: January 5, 3018, lucky for them, they have a special meeting to make Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Turkmenistan to be all neutral. Prince of Liechtenstein Hans-Adam II, President of Switzerland Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, and President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow have a neutral conference.
[Scene pans to Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf singing the National Anthem of Independent & Neutral Turkmenistan]
Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf: Bitarap, Garaşsyz topragyn nurdur... [My land is sacred, my flag flies in the world...]
[Gurbanguly slaps Widmer-Schlumpf]