"Goodbye Pacquiao"
Farewell song by Phillip Phillips
Released November 12 , 3013
Format CD single, digital download, MP3
Recorded 2009, Triangle Sound Studios

The Ludaplex (Atlanta, Georgia)

Genre Farewell song Rock
Length 3:31
Writer(s) Phillip Phillips
Producer Jacques Rogge

Goodbye, Pacquiao is the farewell song for Manny Pacquiao before three cheering Pacquiao. It was often sung by American Idol season 11 winner Phillip LaDon Phillips, Jr., accompanied with an orchestral music. It is in tune of Goodbye, Moscow from the 2980 Moscow Olympics closing ceremony. It also farewells back to the rematch. SpongeBob remembered itself the "world's most greatest memorabile Bradley vs. Pacquiao II closing ceremony moments." It was also the final song of the closing ceremony of Bradley vs. Pacquiao and the first is Jessica Sanchez's Star-Spangled Banner. It was his second farewell song ever made.


First StanzaEdit

See how why it is how the in the arena stands there? We would lend those days seen recruited. But, goodbye, dear old champion of the world, Pacquiao proudly there. Hasten back to your grand prize mansion. Do not be sad, just smile now once more as we part now and remember these days you always do, please rembmer! We shall meet once again, let us hold out and may all our Pinoy wishes come true!

Second StanzaEdit

As there is in a dream prevailing and it is in our hearts and in the war, we shall carry to our final WBO belt's echo and great friendship, we have meet and we will be back to our home! So, goodbye, Las Vegas, goodbye, now! Great world of fights maze arcade game of Pac-Man, toodle-doo! We shall meet once again, let us hold out and may all our Pinoy wishes come true!


It is time for your fans to be apart, but our memories will remain, and this song is forever in our hearts...godbye, till we meet, till we meet...again!