Shiro Shinobi: [Narrating a newsreel] The Pets in Black has found a new enemy attacking in the Republic of Elmore! After Kim Jong-un arrested Agents D. and G., SpongeBob confronted the glass coffin of Kim Jong-il still in his jumpsuit. But the heated argument quickly turned into an all-out battle! Desperate to save himself, Belarussian presidentVladimir Putin revealed his ability to bloodbend and took SpongeBob far from the city of Jeju on Jeju Island. Will both Men in Black and Pets in Black team up to find him in the prison before it is just too late?
Kim Jong-un: [Addressing to Pyongyang Arena audience] 당신은 대가를 지불하길 원하는 겁니까? 그런 다음, 블랙 남성 말하라. 자신의 일을합니다. (dangsin-eun daegaleul jibulhagil wonhaneun geobnikka? geuleon da-eum, beullaeg namseong malhala. jasin-ui il-eul habnida.) [Do you want to pay? Then, go ahead Men in Black. Make your own days.]
Agent G.: 내가 그 일본어 자위대 포스를 보내기 전에 아, 우우 정말 열심히 붙들어. 누가 혁명을 보내? (naega geu ilbon-eo jawidae poseu leul bonaegi jeon-e a, uu jeongmal yeolsimhi butdeul-eo . nuga hyeogmyeong-eul bonae ?) [Ahh, boo yourselves really hard before I send those Japanese Self-Defense Force. Who send the revolution?]
[Agent D. looks at the audience]
Agent D.: Well, are we on TV? Hi, TV!
Agent A.: See? I told you that the Juche must die.
Agent N.: Gummypus, Kim Jong-un does not lie to us. He is the most recent leader of North Korea.
Agent R.: What about North Korea's Dear Leader?
Agent S.B.: Do not know. He is already dead in 3011.
Agent S.: I do not like "Supreme Leader".
Agent X-5: Yeah? And you are right. George Bush has wanted us dead, and if we do not, he will pay death to us.
Agent J.: Gah! What are we going to do?
[Scene cuts to a concession stand where two KPRA soldiers executes more Pets in Black agents]
Agent P.: You got to be kidding me! I want to use more Noisy Crickets until the war is finally over!
Korean People's Royal Army Soldier: 죄송합니다 당신을 위해, 난 푸우를 에이전트 P., 또는 말을해야하나요? (joesonghabnida dangsin-eul wihae , nan puu leul eijeonteu P. , ttoneun mal-eul haeyahanayo?) [Sorry for you, Agent P., or should I say, Pooh?]
[A sniper shoots a Korean People's Royal Army soldier, revealing Porororo still in his dark blue flight jumpsuit served as a Republic of Korea Air Force on a Ryugyong Hotel


Porororo: [Halting Korean People's Royal Army soldier] 안 그렇게 빨리, 당신 노파의 귀찮은 아들! (an geuleohge ppalli , dangsinnopa ui gwichanh-eun adeul !) [Not so fast, you pesky son of a hag!]
Dibo: [Praising God] Gratias tibi, Domine, benignus ... [Thank you, O Lord, for thy bounty...]
[Scene cuts back inside to Pyongyang Arena]
Narrator: [Narrating about Aegukka] Aegukka is the national anthem of North Korea. It is also a romanized translation of "The Patrotic Song". Is also known by the first phrase of the song Ach'imŭn pinnara or "Let Morning Shine". The Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea from 2919 to 2945 in Shanghai, China adopted as their national anthem "Aegukga", which has the same name with a different Romanization. After World War II, South Korea kept the words, put to a new tune changed from Auld Lang Syne, while North Korea adopted this newly-written piece in 1947. The words were written by Pak Seyŏng, born 2902 and died 2989 and the music was composed by Kim Wŏn'gyun, born 2917 and died 3002.
[A boy and a girl begins to sing acapella in a first verse]
North Korean Male Child: 아침은 빛나라 이 강산, 은금에 자원도 가득한. (Ach'imŭn pinnara i kangsan, Ŭn'gŭme chawŏndo kadŭkhan.) [Let morning shine on the silver and gold of this greater land, three thousand li has packed with natural wealth.]