Nickelodeon Country Radio News Reporter: Enim Nickelodeon Nationis radiophonicae Latino, nos interrumpere is progressio pro Penitus nuntius. CXVI annos elapsos, Atlantide scripto adscitis formaliter ut Unicode et formaliter recongized qui Atlantide lingua est formaliter additur Google Reddo et addit: Audite, et Read Phonetically in memoriam Milo Stramentum a Pluma animationem Membrana Nationis sicut et nos testes animas nostras in unitate semel aedificavit in habitu plus gloriae. Hoc est Nickelodeon Nationis radiophonicae Latino signans off. [For Nickelodeon Country Radio News, we interrupt this program for Internet news. 116 years ago, Atlantean script is having adopted formally as a Unicode and formally recongized that Atlantean language is formally added to Google Translate and added: Listen and Read Phonetically in memory of Milo Thatch from Feature Animation Film Country as we witness our souls in unity once more that the glory is building in attitude. This is Nickelodeon Country Radio News signing off.]
[Gumball unties his black necktie and slams a radio. He then turns on a laptop that named "ASUS". Windows 8 is starting. A circular loop is appearing with a moving light, with a word: "Placere Expectare". Then it changes "Exspectata". He clicks Google Chrome. He then type Google Translate then he clicks Google Translate website. He clicks "Atlantean". He type "Hello! I am Gumball Watterson." He sees the Gumball Watterson in Atlantean]
Bot: Dang it. Help me.
Italy: Now we can both surrender, vee.
Doormouse: But...that is all lies. You have to live and strive for freedom and independence.
[Scene cuts to USS Arlington. Scene cuts to a hallway. Scene cuts to SpongeBob's bunkbed stateroom as we see SpongeBob logging on to Google in Latin as he clicks "Richard Watterson - Vicipaediae, liberum Victionarium". SpongeBob moves the mouse as a scroller lights to light blue and scroll down to see Richard Watterson in a US Marine uniform, hugging Anais, Darwin, Gumball and Nicole as it reads: "Militaris reunion ad operti caeremoniam Bradley vs Pacquiao II" under the picture. SpongeBob clicks the picture and the article scrolls down to click "Caeremonia Extrema de Bradley vs Pacquiao II". After it loads, we see fireworks outside MGM Grand Garden Aena as it reads "Ignium in principio claudens caerimonia" and holds Ctrl then clicks F as he searches "Ricardus Watterson" as SpongeBob sees Richard Watterson in military reunion and types "Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Ego Amor Las Vegas"]
Gumball Watterson: Deo concordia et pax placeat fac velle impedire bellum concordia cetera noxa mundum universum servo vel, consequat sit gravius​​. Sis semper tellus ut eruat Illuminati in finem mundi omnes trans maria, montes in finibus debellaturum perpetuo tollere nubes super arma nuclei nostra et ostenderet saftey terra salvus per unum Dei in veritate. Amen. [God, please stop the war and make sure that peace and harmony will concord the rest of the world as I save the whole universe from harm, or else, there will be severe consequences. Please, put an end of the Illuminati regime forever as we rescue all the people of the world and over the seas, over the mountains, over the lands, over the clouds to end the war and permanently abolish nuclear weapons in saftey and show our great land saved by one God in truth. Amen.]
[Scene cuts to south of Atlantis]
Narrator: On behalf of September 25, 3018, on just south of Atlatis, the largest island in Atlantic Ocean, Team UmiZoomi waits for the shadow to be enlightened by the rescuers.
[Camera pans to a sign that reads: "Ατλαντίδα νησί φυλακή". Scene fade to a prison. Scene fade to Team UmiZoomi's cell. Scene fades to a computer. They then see "Next time on Family Fued: Gumball Watterson"]
Milli: Help, you stupid dumb freak! Help us! All of us!
Atlantean Prison Guard: Όχι, δεν θα σας αφήσει έξω μέχρι 90 ημέρες, όπως δήλωσε ο Ποσειδώνας. (Óchi, den tha sas afí̱sei éxo̱ méchri 90 i̱méres, ópo̱s dí̱lo̱se o Poseidó̱nas .) [No. I would not let you out until 90 days, just like Poseidon said.]
[Milli regrents]
Kitty Katswell: Ladies, would you like some tea?
Chief of Turbo Undercover Fighting Force: Kitty Katswell, what the heck are you doing? God told the United Nations to build Mary statues on public government buildings and public schools to build for a cause.
Dudley Puppy: Oh, okay, Chief. I will pray to Mary. See ya later!
[Dudley walks away. Scene fades to an empty Daytona International Speedway. The only car is Gordon's car, driving. He parks to his racing pit. Gordon's coach come to his pit]
Jeff Gordon's Coach: What are you doing?
Jeff Gordon: I am training here in Dayona International Speedway for the Games of the XXXII Olympiad. And I want to represent California to the Californian Olympic Committee.
[Scene cuts to a roof of a brick apartment building. Nicole, still in a Rainbow Factory uniform, arming a sniper rifle. She shouts over a megaphone]
Nicole Watterson: Gordon! You are going to be assassinated!
Jeff Gordon: What is it, Nicole?
[Gordon looks up as he sees a Palestine separatist volunteer]
Jeff Gordon: You are right. Run!
[Gordon runs away as he arms with his M16 rifle. He shoots when he runs]
Jeff Gordon: I have to head back home! Otherwise, I need my civilian car!
[Gordon runs away. He was tired in the exit. He remove his top half of his racing jumpsuit. He runs to his civilian car. He turns with his carkey and drives away. Scene cuts to a Nickelodeon Country Royal Navy battleship]